Dr. K Srinivasan, Anesthesiologists, Delhi G P O, Delhi : Fee, Timing, Appointment


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Dr. K Srinivasan is Anesthesiologists in Delhi G P O, Delhi. Dr. K Srinivasan is known as Paediatrics(Child Specialist) in Delhi G P O. Dr. K Srinivasan consultation fee for treatment is INR 100. Dr. K Srinivasan can be contacted at 9810366448. Dr. K Srinivasan has a total experience of 10 Years. Landmark to reach Dr. K Srinivasan in Delhi is .

Doctor NameDr. K Srinivasan
Dr. K Srinivasan’s SpecialityPaediatrics(Child Specialist)
Dr. K Srinivasan’s Experience10 Years
Dr. K Srinivasan’s Consultation FeeINR 100
Dr. K Srinivasan’s Full AddressNULL ,47,Mohan Singh Palace ,Delhi G P O ,NULL ,
LocalityDelhi G P O
Pin Code110006
Landmark To Reach Dr. K Srinivasan
Telephone Number23344728
Mobile Number9810366448
Point of ContactMr Rameshwar Lal


Where is Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic located in Delhi?

Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic is situated in Delhi and his full address is “NULL ,47,Mohan Singh Palace ,Delhi G P O ,NULL ,”.

What is the consultation fee of Dr. K Srinivasan?

Dr. K Srinivasan charges {DpedCF)} as a consultation fee at his clinic located in Delhi G P O,Paediatrics(Child Specialist),Pediatrician,Delhi,Delhi,Dr. K Srinivasan,10 Years,INR 100,”NULL ,47,Mohan Singh Palace ,Delhi G P O ,NULL ,”,Delhi G P O,110006,,23344728,9810366448,NULL,NULL,Mr Rameshwar Lal(CT)}. 

What is the landmark to reach Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic?

What is the contact number of Dr. K Srinivasan?

Dr. K Srinivasan can be contacted at 9810366448.

What is the contact number of his clinic?

Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic contact is 23344728.

Who is the point of contact at Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic?

POC at Dr. K Srinivasan’s clinic in Delhi is Mr Rameshwar Lal.

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