Dr. Kiran Chhabariya, Anesthesiologists, East Uttam Nagar, Delhi : Fee, Timing, Appointment


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Dr. Kiran Chhabariya is Anesthesiologists in East Uttam Nagar, Delhi. Dr. Kiran Chhabariya is known as Paediatric Surgery in East Uttam Nagar. Dr. Kiran Chhabariya consultation fee for treatment is INR 200. Dr. Kiran Chhabariya can be contacted at 9818994392. Dr. Kiran Chhabariya has a total experience of 10 Years. Landmark to reach Dr. Kiran Chhabariya in Delhi is .

Doctor NameDr. Kiran Chhabariya
Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s SpecialityPaediatric Surgery
Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s Experience10 Years
Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s Consultation FeeINR 200
Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s Full Address,29 A ,East Uttam Nagar ,Milap Nagar ,
LocalityEast Uttam Nagar
Pin Code110059
Landmark To Reach Dr. Kiran Chhabariya
Telephone Number
Mobile Number9818994392
Point of ContactGurudayal Singh


Where is Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic located in Delhi?

Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic is situated in Delhi and his full address is “,29 A ,East Uttam Nagar ,Milap Nagar ,”.

What is the consultation fee of Dr. Kiran Chhabariya?

Dr. Kiran Chhabariya charges {DpedCF)} as a consultation fee at his clinic located in East Uttam Nagar,Paediatric Surgery,Pediatrician,Delhi,Delhi,Dr. Kiran Chhabariya,10 Years,INR 200,”,29 A ,East Uttam Nagar ,Milap Nagar ,”,East Uttam Nagar,110059,,,9818994392,NULL,NULL,Gurudayal Singh(CT)}. 

What is the landmark to reach Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic?

What is the contact number of Dr. Kiran Chhabariya?

Dr. Kiran Chhabariya can be contacted at 9818994392.

What is the contact number of his clinic?

Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic contact is .

Who is the point of contact at Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic?

POC at Dr. Kiran Chhabariya’s clinic in Delhi is Gurudayal Singh.

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